The areas I’m interested in doing research in are Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Pedagogy, Applied Spanish Liniguistics and Applied Linguistics to Translation.

  •  I am going to post an essay I had to ellaborate during the 3rd year of my degree. It was for a class called Text Analysis and Composition, and as a final essay we had to deeply analyze a text and its construction (the micro and macro structure of a specific type of text). I chose a type of argumentative text published in the Spanish newspaper El País by Rosa Montero titled “Hoy no aguantamos nada” and tried to go deep into the aspects that caracterize this form of texts. You can take a look at it here.
  • Bilingual dictionary on Global Warming. This is a bilingual dictionary I created with some fellow students on Global Warming, it contains detailed information about the terms used in this area in both Spanish and English with the equivalent term in Catalan. 
  • Here is a written essay where I talk about my time as an internship interpreter in the Hopistal Medimar in Alicante. Memoria de prácticas.

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