In this section I would like to share some of the materials I find interesting and also my contribution to this area.

  • On this opportunity, I created a teaching unit for students who are learning Spanish with a minimum level of B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The unit focuses on learning to use the Pretérito indefinido and Pretérito imperfecto. The aspects to be developed in the unit are all encompassed in an amusing topic about the Spanish culture, it’s based on a recently published television commercial. I named it Hablemos en pasado
  • Now, I am going to show you two portfolios created for the subject of “Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera” in the University of Alicante. The students in this class had to create a final portfolio with the activities and all the information discussed during the semester. The final activity is to create a unit based on an specific subject and present it in from of the class. These students even created their own video showing how New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Spain (La Nochevieja es joven) to develop a series of activities about it. Here you can have access to both of them: Ana Bruna’s portfolio and David Miralles’ portfolio.
  • I am also going to leave here a questionnaire intendended to evaluate and assess the student’s communication and learning needs. This should be handed out at the begining of the Academic year/program/course for the student to describe his reasons for learning a language and his/her starting point; in this case, this datasheet is aimed at knowing why the student has decided to learn Spanish and whether he/she has any knowledge of the language or not. This ficha de análisis de necesidades is a basic tool for the teacher to get a first glimpse at the main aspects he/she should work with regarding each student. 

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