Hello everyone!

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Iowa. I am finishing a Master Arts (MA) Program in Hispanic Linguistics, focusing especially on Phonology, Applied Linguistics/Pedagogy, and Sociolinguistics. I am also glad to announce that I have been accepted in the Hispanic Linguistics Ph.D. program!! My research interests are mainly based on Sociolinguistics and Phonology aspects of “Identity”.

At the same time, I am a Teaching Assistant to the Spanish Department and I have taught four semesters of Spanish in the levels of Elementary II and Intermediate I. I am enjoying very much all the experiences that Iowa City has given me. I will also start teaching a new Intermediate II course called Spanish in the Community, which has a service learning component. This means that my students will learn Spanish not only in the classroom, but will also have the opportunity to be with Spanish-speaking children, learn from and with them, and assist them with anything they may need. I am very excited to start this program!!

In Spain I studied at the University of Alicante, I was in a program called  Translation and Interpreting specialized in English-Spanish translation. So, one could say I’m more of a translator and interpreter, but one thing doesn’t exclude the other one, and I discovered I have a passion for teaching as well.

I have lived and been in many places, I love different cultures and languages and I guess that’s what I would like to pass on to my students, that passion for learning not just a language, but all the vast aspects that come with it.


I was born in Venezuela, lived in Mexico for a little while as a little girl, and grew up in Spain. I also lived in The Netherlands for three months and in China for two. Now I am living in Iowa City!

I’m a native Spanish speaker and I have learnt English, French, Italian and Catalan. You can read more about it on my  language passport. I made it using the Europass template.

europass   If you don’t know what this is, you could take a look at their website. It is an initiative from the European Union to unify the documents used througout the Union. On their website you can find five documents to help European citizens make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe. Here you can find the templates in every language of the Union for: Curriculum VitaeLanguage PassportEuropass MobilityCertificate supplementDiploma supplement.

I also created my CV using their template so just click here to have access to it.

Furthermore, if you want to know how I learnt all these languages, you can find my detailed intercultural experiences and my future plans, in my Linguistic Biography.







Creative Commons License
My teaching portfolio by Mayela Zambrano is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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