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3rd WLGO Annual Conference

22 Apr

I am really proud to tell you that the 3rd Annual Conference organized by the World Graduate Student Organization was a success this year.

It took place in the Papajohn building last Saturday, April 18th. The title was “Exploring Identities“, and I must confess that this is one of my favorite topics: Identity.

So I was really excited, especially because we had many graduate students from different cities and different universities, and also because, as a graduate student Conference, it was ver interndisciplinary. It is so wonderful to see how different areas deal with a topic like identity, from the perspective of literature, second language acquisition, linguistics, and creative writing.

As part of the WLGO team, I am really proud of the work and effort that went into creating such a wonderful event, and as a graduate student, it makes me very happy to see people sharing their work and coming together to express their ideas, and listen to others’.

Thank you!

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